How to Dress in Bohemian Style

Bohemian style has been around for a long time in the fashion industry, and whether you know what it's called or not, you've undoubtedly seen it in a wedding, anniversary party, birthday party, holiday theme party, and more. This style was well-known and loved by many fashionistas, and it was worn by your movie and drama idol, singer, and dancer at least once.

If you already dressing up in a bohemian style or you are a newbie to this fashion style and wanted to try, this article is all for you! Learn how to dress up in bohemian style in a chic way so you will not look tacky.

What is Bohemian Style?
What is Bohemian Style

The bohemian style also known as 'boho chic' or boho style has a long history, with its aesthetic dating back to the late 1960s and early 1970s. Natural materials, earthy tones, and hippie-inspired designs are all hallmarks of this style. With its loose-fitting clothing items, casual accessories, and a general artistic, creative hodgepodge of elements, today's boho clothing and accessories have made the style a true phenomenon, one that follows the lines of the effortless, relaxed design.

Bohemian fashion is free-spirited, unusual, and expressive. It is free-spirited and refuses to dress to fit in. Bohemians, like hippies, are passionate and live a wanderlust lifestyle.

Boho is great to wear, but how can you style it so that you don't look like you're stuck in the 1970s? Here's a way to create a bohemian style without looking like an elderly hippie but instead a stunning unique fashionista!

1. Choose Bespoke Clothes that Has Artistic Prints or Pattern
Artistic Prints or Pattern

The bohemian style is all about artistic expression, with lots of wild, colorful, and free-flowing prints and patterns. Retro prints, tribal designs, and whimsical patterns are all good options for your boho style. Even better if you can discover pieces with exciting designs and bright colors!

2. Choose a Bold or Vibrant Color of Bespoke Clothes
Vibrant Color of Bespoke Clothes

Having a bohemian style you must have a fun and aesthetic color choice. Start wearing bold colors that make a fashion statement fun and lively, such as vibrant red, vibrant orange, and eye-catching blue.
Natural colors are another important component of the boho-chic style. If you don't like bright colors, you'll appreciate the earthy greens, golds, browns, tan, rust, taupes, and blues that are associated with this style.

The following are the simple tips in choosing colors to create a stunning bohemian style:
● Use both warm and cool colors.
● Shades of sister and cousin colors should be used. This technique will assist you in creating a capsule wardrobe in which everything can be mixed and matched, increasing the collection's versatility.

3. Wear Loose-Fitting or Flowy Clothes
Wear Loose Fitting or Flowy Clothes

The bohemian style is all about unwinding and going with the flow. If you focus on two things which are the quality and size, you'll seem more bohemian chic than an old hippy-like in your old movies.

Some of the best fashion statements Tip for Bohemian style is the following:

Wear Maxi Dresses
Wear Maxi Dresses

A floor-length or ankle-length informal dress with a formfitting top and a loose flowing bottom that glides over the body is known as a maxi dress. They normally come in a range of necklines, colors, and designs and are constructed of cotton or polyester. Maxi dresses in ruffled hems are a classic bohemian chic style with lovely prints.

For Bohemian Style Tops Choose lots of Detail
For Bohemian Style Tops Choose lots of Detail<

Look for loose, easygoing fits-in tops with a bohemian vibe. Half-length and three-quarter length sleeves with various decorative trims such as pompoms, ethnic designs, and so on, or bell, trumpet, and bishop style sleeves V necklines, off-shoulder cuts, mixed print designs, and embroidery designs should all be included in the list.

Pair Crop-top or any tops with Midi or Maxi Flowy Skirt
Maxi Flowy Skirt

When it comes to creating fashionable bohemian outfits, a great maxi or midi skirt with unique prints or patterns, or brilliant colors will be a go-to staple for everyone that is aiming for a boho-chic look.

For Footwear choose Neutral Colored Ankle Boots and Leather (much better if you opt for faux leather)
Lovely ankle boots are a must-have for bohemian girls, and they come in a plethora of styles. It's entirely up to you if you want a towering heel or not, but make sure the color is neutral for a boho appearance.
The Bohemian leather sandals are ideal for any warm-weather occasion; they're light and airy while remaining polished and trendy. For optimal versatility, look for styles that are simple to put on and take off. A pair of strappy lace-up sandals are a versatile fashion statement that goes with everything from denim shorts to flowy off-the-shoulder blouses.

4. Try Layering Your Clothes
Try Layering Your Clothes

The majority of the time, a Bohemian look entails a lot of layering. Wearing natural-looking, patterned bespoke clothes such as dresses, tops, shirts, jeans, and long flowy skirt is a great fashion statement to seem more bohemian. Layers can also be added with strappy sandals, neutral boots, or several necklaces and bracelets.

5. Add Chunky and Fun Accessories
Add Chunky

You may obtain a great bohemian style by adding accessories to your present fashion statement.
Start with your hair by wearing straw hats, boho-print bandanas, turbans, and floral headbands. Vintage sunglasses, leather or embroidered belts, and oversize scarves should all be included in your list of bohemian accessories.

Minimalist jewelry is the polar opposite of bohemian jewelry. The bohemian jewelry should be maximalist, it commonly comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, whether intricate or enormous in size, statement or beaded, with or without diamonds, and in a variety of antiqued finishes.