Ways to Wear a Double Breasted Blazer

Is the double-breasted blazer still on trend this year? Are you looking for some fantastic casual to office clothing inspiration? Don’t worry Just4unique got you covered!

A double-breasted blazer is not common but one of the most elegant and smart overwear for men’s and women’s casual to smart fashion styles. How to Wear Double Breasted Blazer? We list down below the 10 Ways to Wear a Double Breasted Blazer, everything you have to do now is pick the proper print, color, and style of a double-breasted blazer, and you'll be ready to slay this season!

What is Double-Breasted Blazer?

A man on his phone wearing a stylish black double-breasted blazer and skinny jeans.

An overcoat with overlapping front flaps and two symmetrical columns of buttons on the front is known as a double-breasted blazer.

One to four rows of buttons (each row holding two buttons) are common on double-breasted blazers, with one or two of the rows being functional. Each fastening technique is designated by a "number-on-number" system: the first number represents the total number of front buttons, while the second represents the number of fastening buttons behind the lapels. The most frequent button postures are six-on-two and six-on-one, but there are more. Double-breasted suit jackets often have peaked lapels and are fastened with the left lapel over the right lapel as is customary for men's coats.

How to Wear Double Breasted Blazer?

A man wearing a white shirt, pink checkered necktie, and a double-breasted suit.

You can focus on navy blue, black, and beige double-breasted blazers for office-style outfits, or checked (or any printed) or brightly colored blazers are ideal for party outfits.

For more ideas on how to wear double-breasted blazer keep scrolling: Below are the 10 Ways to Wear a Double Breasted Blazer, get inspiration, and be fashionable this season!

Double-Breasted Blazer Pair With Jeans

A man casually walking holding his notebook wearing a double-breasted blazer and denim jeans.

You'll look like the most sophisticated and relaxed fashion star out there if you pair your traditional jeans and tee combination with your women's double-breasted blazer. Wear your blazer buttoned up or open; either way, it looks casual but put-together. When combined with a double-breasted jacket, any style of denim, from dark skinnies to light-washed boyfriend jeans, looks instantly more polished.

Pair a beige or apricot blouse with a white and black striped jacket, a necklace, a belt, gray cuffed skinny jeans, and pointed high heels for chic street casual wear.

Double-Breasted Blazer Pair With Trousers

A woman wearing a shade and double-breasted blazer and shorts.

Pair your long double-breasted blazer with straight trousers combined with a traditional white t-shirt finish with pointed heels to create an everyday office outfit.

Double-Breasted Blazer Pair With Shorts

A man wearing a double-breasted blazer and printed shorts.

A white shirt, denim shorts, a double-breasted blazer, and white sneakers are a great mix for hot summer days.

Double-Breasted Blazer Pair With Skirts

A woman wearing a checkered double-breasted blazer and skirt.

Pairing a crop top with a black short skirt, black and white slip-on shoes, and a long black double-breasted blazer will create a chic sporty fashion style.

For those who don’t want to wear shorts skirt most known as a mini skirt, try a black shirt and pair it with a white double-breasted blazer, a neutral-colored pleated midi skirt, and finish with high heels for a feminine look.

Double-Breasted Blazer Dress

A woman wearing a black slim-fit double-breasted dress.

A double-breasted blazer dress is one of the most sophisticated and chic outfits you can wear for casual to formal events. Just choose the right color tone for you. Pair it with high heels and accentuate with a luxury purse.

Black Double Breasted Blazer Pair with Sweater

A man wearing a black sweater top, double-breasted blazer, and trousers.

This outfit is relatively simple to put together and is suitable for both casual and business settings. The black double-breasted blazer is used as a regular jacket for statement pieces. Combine with a black sweater and ripped skinny denim and you will have a show-stopping attire. To look relaxed and trendy, pair them with black flats or ankle boots if the weather is a little bit chilly.

Double Breasted Blazer Pair with Striped or Printed Tee

A man wearing a striped tee with a double-breasted suit.

Choosing an oversized double-breasted blazer for a slightly unisex look is a really attractive way to wear a double-breasted blazer. An oversized double-breasted blazer looks well with a striped or printed long sleeve t-shirt. To add a trendy and unique touch to the look, match them with blue denim jeans and black suede thigh-high boots.

Double Breasted Blazer Top in Dress

A blonde woman wearing a white and black colorblock double-breasted dress.

Do you have to put your maxi dresses away now that the weather is turning colder? No need, just toss on your double-breasted blazer for women and you will have a stunning statement! A relaxed, breezy outfit is taken to new heights with a maxi dress and a double-breasted blazer. It instantly elevates a sassy or provocative maxi dress, making it suited for a wider range of occasions. It's also a fantastic costume for a fall or winter wedding, as it adds a chic and cozy extra layer.

The most significant distinction between a double-breasted blazer and a traditional blazer is how much easier it is to put together an elegant ensemble with the former. A white silk midi dress looks great with a black double-breasted blazer or a knee-length A-line dress is a perfect underneath for a white double-breasted blazer.

Plus-Sized Double Breasted Blazer Pair with Blouse

A woman wearing a white double-breasted blazer with waist tie and black pin stripe trousers.

If you're seeking a business casual style, a plus-size double-breasted blazer with a blouse will do the trick. To keep the look clean and informal, combine them with light blue ripped skinny jeans and a pair of black ballet flats.

Black Double Breasted Blazer Pair with Mock Neck Sweater

A man wearing a turtleneck top and a double-breasted blazer.

This is a lovely appearance that can make you appear sophisticated and feminine. Wear a knitted mock collar fitting sweater with a midi skirt to create this look. To look very elegant, drape a black double-breasted blazer over your shoulders. To look fashionable and feminine, pair it with ankle boots.