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What is a Boardshort?

Boardshorts are short swimming suits worn by surfers and skiers. Boardshorts are stitched or riveted to prevent them from riding up during activity. While other types of shorts are made of cloth materials, board shorts are usually made of synthetic fabrics like polyester, PVC, and spandex.

Many boardshorts today offer style and comfort with a coastal look that is perfect for summer attire both at the beach or the pool. A wide variety of surfing shorts can be purchased in the market today. Each has its own style and features that make each one unique from the others.

What Makes Boardshort popular among Men

Fashion is not always about shirts and ties, sometimes it's just about a good old fashion Beach Party. Men's board shorts can be a very useful accessory in that kind of party. A good pair of board shorts can not only protect you from sunburns but they can also be fashionable when the idea is to wear them. Men's boardshorts give men the freedom to have the ability to do any activities under the sun especially if it involves water. You might have heard of this saying "Never underestimate the importance of comfort" and it's true.

The popularity of board shorts is evident when you walk into a sports bar or the beach and see so many men wearing them. People tend to hang on to their favorite boardshorts for a long time and can't imagine ever giving them away or throwing them out.

Here are our top 10 board-shorts products for you to choose from.

We highlight just some of the many second-to-none board-shorts products we carry here at Just4unique.


The short comes with a vintage and fashionable design that is comfortable. The unique design adds to the visual appeal of the board short. If you desire a stylish appearance and want to look great, we recommend using this men's printed boardshort during exercise in water or outdoors.

Designed to keep you cool while you enjoy your favorite beach activity, this printed board short is crafted with a flexible elastic waistband. The comfortable fabric allows for a full range of motion even when you are active. Designed with a relaxed fit, these board shorts are available in almost all sizes.


Add these men's summer blue board shorts to your cart and be cool like everyone else. With a summer gradient blue color that looks like tie-dye and has a comfortable elastic waist that makes it easy to wear, you'll definitely be the talk of the town if not the beach.

This is the perfect summer board short for boating, the beach or enjoying summer by the pool that will certainly turn heads.


On sunny and hot days, you will find a wide variety of men's Summer shorts in the markets or boutiques. However, finding a perfectly fitted short for everyone is quite a hard work today. While getting your favorite shorts will definitely enhance your look, make sure that you choose something that is trendy and elegant too. So, if you are looking for pink-colored shorts for yourself then look no further because our Pink boardshort is just the thing you need.


Just4unique is now offering a unique print that is sure to lighten up your summer vacation, these comfortable surf trunks will make you feel ready for anything. These surf shorts are made out of 100% polyester and feature an inside mesh lining for added comfort.


Looking for a fresh summer look? This classic Hawaiian Board short gives you a laid-back look with a comfortable fit and functional features. The board short is a combination of fine quality cotton and performance-enhancing Polyester and Spandex fabric, making this the best choice for your active and sports activities.

Benefits of Choosing A Boardshort as your Summer Pick Wardrobe

Lightweight and Dry Faster

Summer board shorts are usually made with lightweight materials, even if they are available in a variety of heavy-duty materials as well. The lightest materials have the advantage that they dry faster after you water-ski or surf on them. They also feel nice and fresh while they are wet since they do not retain moisture and thus do not become heavy.

Easy to Find

These days, it’s not uncommon for men to wear boardshorts even in colder weather. Long gone are the days when everyone just wore them during the summer months. With so many styles and colors out there, it’s easy to find a pair that matches your personal style.

Comfortable To Wear

They are great when one wants to stay cool and comfortable by the beach or want to stay fashionable in the party scene. Like most fashion garments out there, cotton boardshorts come in different designs and shades that ensure you always get something unique and fashionable.

Beachwear Staple

Boardshorts are a trendier version of swim trunks. One of the original purposes of a boardshort was to allow a surfer to protect his surfboard while still being able to swim in the ocean. As time went by, however, boardshorts evolved and became a true beachwear staple that men can easily wear on the beach, on land, and in the water.


A boardshort is the perfect wardrobe addition for those that get a thrill from being in the water. If you are searching for a fashionable way to slip into the surf, choose between our two-tone printed water shorts, or solid black boardshorts.

A boardshort is one of the most popular swimwear trends right now, so keep up with summer style as you hit this season's hottest beach destinations.

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