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Everyone has a unique body type and different proportions that affect diverse aspects of their life. The body shape is an extension of the way you think! How do you feel about yourself. The mind-body connection is a very powerful thing.

From the perspective of clothing, it is important to be mindful of the body shape when choosing clothes. This may seem like an obvious task but you would be surprised to learn that most people are wearing the wrong size or are not dressing appropriately to complement their body shape.

Knowing your body type will help you dress in the most flattering way. In order to determine your body type, look at how you carry your weight. Are you big and tall, or are your proportions more average?

Do you have a long torso, or are you modestly sized in the torso? This is important because everyone has different needs when it comes to clothing. Examples: You can be slim all over but with a relatively small bust; your bottom could be a bit heavier, or you could be flat all over.

The goal of this blog is to show you that there is nothing wrong with your appearance and by incorporating some key concepts, you can easily dress to enhance your natural curves.

Apple Body Type

The Apple Body Type is the most common shape found in women, and it is exactly what it sounds like--the shape of an apple! An Apple-type woman tends to carry her weight above her waistline, while her legs remain thin and in proportion to the rest of her body. Apple body types tend to gain weight in their mid-sections, but they generally have slender limbs. They also have some trouble with cellulite, especially on their hips and thighs.

From subtle curves to a bombshell shape, the apple body type is one of the most common plus-size silhouettes. But don’t let that fool you—with the right fashion advice, you can show off your assets and look absolutely fabulous. If you have an Apple Body Type, then you'll want to draw attention away from your midsection by wearing darker shades on your bottom. Black pants stretch five ways for a form-flattering fit that looks great whether you are at work or going out for the evening.

Hourglass Body Type
The hourglass body shape is characterized by balanced shoulders and hips. Glamorous, sexy, and feminine, the hourglass figure is a coveted silhouette because it gives you curves in all the right places! Though this body type is also referred to as curvy, an hourglass can still be an ideal shape for clothes with straight lines or streamlined shapes.

With the right clothing, your ideal figure can be accentuated while your flaws stay hidden. The key to dressing in an hourglass body shape is to wear clothes that highlight your small waist and bring out your feminine shape.

Pear Body Type

Pear shapes are the most common plus-size shapes. With this figure, a woman’s hips and buttocks are her most prominent features. Women with a pear shape should choose clothing that accentuates this figure.

Pears are bigger on the bottom than they are up top; usually with narrow shoulders, a relatively small bust and a well-defined waist. Pears tend to carry their weight around the thighs, hips, and butt. By contrast, their upper body is somewhat slender in comparison.

The key is to balance out the top and bottom half of your body by creating a visual illusion of an elongated torso to draw attention upwards. While adding volume or width to the upper body, you want to keep the lower half more figure-flattering with simple and sleek styles.

Pear body shape women should also focus on showing off their slim upper body. To do that, make sure to use clothes that bring attention to your top such as v-neck styles. Tailored blazers with nipped-in waists and three-quarter length sleeves are modern and work well for the pear-figured woman. Knowing the tips above, browsing through our hand-selected collection of flattering outfits for pear-shaped women will be fun and enjoyable!

This generally describes Longlineth's prominent curves, especially around the waist and hips, and large breasts. The upper body is narrow and the lower body stands out more. For busty women, a bit of padding through the shoulders will give the appearance of an elongated neckline and will also make your shoulders appear slimmer and narrower.

Wearing a cardigan that falls just above your hips will create an unbroken line from bust to hip, drawing attention to your waist.

Slender Body Type

People with slender body types typically have small bones and delicate-looking frames. They also tend to have difficulty gaining weight, because their muscles are not as developed as most people due to their frame. In addition to having a slender frame, they will have a similar-sized waist and hip.

Celebrities with this body type include Cameron Diaz, Rachel Bilson, and Nicole Richie.

Slender shapes love wearing form-fitting dresses and skimpy bikinis. Their hips are nearly as broad as their shoulders, and they have a narrower midsection with a smaller waist curve while larger

bust lines.

They have an undefined waist, but that actually works in their favor. Slender shapes look great in well-tailored pieces or drape designs.

Rectangle Body Type

The rectangle body type, sometimes referred to as the “board-like” body, is one that features small or no waist definition. For this body shape, there is little difference between the width of your shoulders and hips. You may have a slight increase in weight around your waistline, but it is not nearly as noticeable as other body types. Those with rectangle bodies tend to be tall and thin and have long legs.

My best piece of advice for dressing a rectangle body type is to focus on fit and wear flat shoes. Babydoll dresses may work well, too – they give the look of a fuller figure by creating the illusion of curves.

Also, consider A-line silhouettes to give some shape. Other styles to try are wrap dresses or tie waist dresses that draw in at the waist for an hourglass effect. Go for block colors or prints and stick to shorts with small pockets.