how to wear bespoke denim look stylish

Denim on denim is a tough monster to master for most fashionistas. It looks fantastic when done right, but one tiny mistake and you might end up looking dull and out of fashion. This is the reason why only the fashion experts or snappy dressers dare to wear a double denim outfit.

For a simple fashionista that wants to try this timeless fashion statement, fortunately, there are some denim-on-denim guidelines to follow if you want to prevent a double denim catastrophe, which we list down below, so keep reading!

Before you start learning How to Wear Denim-On-Denim to Look Stylish, learn first all about denim.

Bespoke denim is a long-lasting cotton fabric with a moderate diagonal twill ribbing pattern. The weft thread is placed under the two or more warp threads and, to the right side of the fabric of cotton twill, the warp-facing threads are more visible.

While all denim looks the same in the end, various types of denim have small differences in appearance. Below are different types of denim that will satisfy your need and standard.

Different Types of Denim

A group picture of legs wearing different types of denim and different style of sneakers.

Crushed Denim

A  short hair woman wearing plain white t-shirt and denim jeans.

Crushed denim is a type of denim that has been processed to give it a crumpled appearance.

Indigo Denim

A short hair woman wearing a denim blouse with fringe, a pink scarf in the shoulder, and denim jeans.

Indigo denim is made by dying the warp threads with indigo dye and weaving the weft with white threads. As a result of the fabric's warp facing, most blue jeans are blue on the right side and lighter blue, practically white on the inside.

Acid-Wash Denim

A woman wearing a shade, plain white long sleeve top and light wash denim jeans.

The denim has been treated with chlorine and a pumice stone to give it a marbled appearance.

Stretch Denim

A woman stretching her legs to wear her ankle boots while wearing a blazer and denim jeans.

Stretch denim is made with spandex or another elastic component to impart give and flexibility to the fabric. Skinny jeans are frequently made of stretch denim.

Sanforized Denim

A blonde woman with bangs wearing a sleeveless top and grey denim jeans sitting in the bed.

Sanforized denim is denim that has been treated to prevent shrinkage in the wash. Except for raw denim, this applies to practically all types of denim.

Raw Denim

An old man sitting beside the wood table wearing a brown zipper-up jacket and jeans.

Raw denim, also known as dry denim, is a fabric that has not been washed after it has been colored. The texture becomes harsher and stiffer as a result.

Bespoke denim is also available in different colors such as the following:
Denim fabrics come in a vast variety of colors. The color is crucial for determining how quickly the fabric will fade so choose carefully.

Denim Fabric in Blue

A woman posing for picture wearing a round shade, rust color sleeveless top, and blue denim jeans.

Blue denim is the most popular color of denim around the world. It's inherently permeable, and the color adheres to the threads effectively.

Denim is made with an indigo dye and can be dyed to any hue requested during the production process. Light blue wash, mid-blue wash, and dark blue wash are just a few of the tones available in blue denim. Other techniques, like acid wash and stone washing, can be used to give blue denim a unique look.

Denim Fabric in Black

A man wearing a hoodie top with a light-washed denim jacket, and a trouser.

Black denim is made in the same way as blue denim, but the black color is achieved by severely dyeing the fabric. Sulfur dyes are used to generate the color, and the dye penetrates deeply into the fabric.

Black denim is one of the most difficult colors to keep looking new since it fades quickly to a grey color.
Additional Information: There are more denim colors available in the market like red, white, grey, green, and pink. The fabric is

dyed in a similar way as a black dye with sulfur dyes.

Reminder: Make sure to look at the care instruction carefully before washing your denim fabric or item to avoid fading of color.

How to Wear Denim-On-Denim to Look Stylish

Denim on denim or double denim outfit is not easy to pull on with style, a little miss coordination, and your statement will be a complete fail and out of fashion. But ladies don’t worry, because there are a few guidelines to help you style up like a professional.

Mix and Match of Bespoke Denim Color

For beginners, simply look first at different hues of bespoke denim, such as different colors (pink, green, etc.) tops and white or black jeans, before diving into the head-to-toe colors of blue denim. This way it is nearly impossible to go wrong with your fashion statement.

Oversized yellow collared button-down long sleeve shirt pair with white denim jeans finish with black ankle boots.
Sports bra top on with orange collared button-down with flap pockets denim jacket pair with an a-line denim skirt finish with high heels sandals or ankle boots.

Select Similar Bespoke Denim Washes

It may be enticing to match different denim shades (such as a lavender button-down collared jacket and white A-line denim skirt) so that you do not wear double denim outfits. However, you can use matching denim colors to create a unified unbreakable appearance that lengthens your silhouette and draws attention up and down.

Selvage washes coordinated top and jeans creates a trick for you and others to think that you are wearing only a one-piece jumpsuit.

Dont’s Add Denim Accessories to Denim on Denim Wear

After Kardashian wore thigh-high denim boots it becomes popular that everyone wants to try to add some denim accessories to their statement however, don't add denim accessories to your outfit if you are wearing denim in your ensemble already.

When you don't wear any denim clothes, you can fully incorporate denim accessories into your style.

Try Ripped Denim

Ripped denim on denim is a chic style. Of course, choose whether on your top or your bottom wear because you will look shabby when over wear it. Bespoke denim jeans, shorts, and skirts are the common distressed or ripped denim but tops and overcoat-like jackets are also a trend.

Discover Different Silhouettes

Discover Different Silhouettes There are various methods to experiment when playing around with different denim looks. For the top, you can attempt anything from a cropped denim jacket to a denim-inspired chambray shirt to a black denim blazer. Choose less popular pieces for the bottoms such as loose-fit jeans, denim shorts, or a denim skirt. Don’t forget to choose the best footwear that will complement your statement ladies!