how to pick best Custom Fit Dress Shirt

Bodycon ensembles are made of thin, stretchable fabric that makes you appear slimmer without constricting your torso excessively, as opposed to other styles. This piece is quite difficult to wear for women who are in a pear shape, but it does not mean that you can’t achieve slaying the bodycon dresses. You should opt for designs that highlight the curves in the appropriate places, and I recommend that you take the following best bodycon for your options the next time you’ll purchase a new design.

Before we move forward let’s tackle first all the important things that you must consider for wearing a bodycon custom fit dress shirt.

The Bodycon Dress: What you need to know

Be aware of your body type and size

A black-haired woman wearing a slim-fit red bodysuit back to back with a blonde-haired woman wearing a slim-fit blue bodysuit

If you are placing an order online, this is a must. Bodycon does not have the same sizes as other clothing brands, which gives you an additional reason to double-check your body size and shape before purchasing. It is measured differently, so be sure to read the product description provided in the online store before purchasing. If you believe your waist is wider than usual, avoid wearing a super slim fit and instead opt for a stretchy custom made dress shirt instead. If you have a few extra pounds around your midsection, consider wearing a body shaper to help you achieve a more curvy appearance when you wear the dress.

Make it simple

A long hair woman wearing a slick grey dress with a long side slit.

Make sure not to choose a bodycon that is in an overly bright and contrasting color, as this will make you appear overdressed. Make an effort to achieve a sexy yet elegant appearance. When it comes to wearing a bodycon dress shirt for women, you can be fashionable even if the dress is just a plain color or a simple pattern. Even just the sexy curves it creates are sufficient to make you appear sophisticated and beautiful. Make an effort not to overaccessorize; instead, go for a simple and clean appearance. You may choose to wear an overcoat, such as an oversize denim jacket, a classic coat, or a dress shirt with jeans and make it more formal and exciting to flaunt on your next casual event.

Choose A Good Lingerie

A woman curl hair woman wearing a sexy black one-piece lingerie.

You should not take it for granted that you will not look for good underwear while wearing a tight dress because you are wearing a full dress shirt that is too tight. You require some underwear lines that will assist you in achieving your enticing appearance. When it comes to wearing a bodycon dress, seamless underwear is sometimes one of the most highly recommended options. It comes in variety of colors and is available in unique fashionable designs.

Now that you know most of the important guides on how to wear your bodycon suit in the right way, we will now give you the list of the best and impressive fitted midi dresses that will surely give you a wonderful and epic experience on your special occasions. There are varieties of bodycon dress which is crafted in different style, pattern, and fabrics.

Here are the top best bodycon dresses that will elevate your look to the next level.

Tube Printed Bodycon Dress

A curl hair woman wearing a white tube floral dress.

It is literally impossible to resist the allure of a tube mini dress when you are trying to wear it on its own. If you want to show off some bare skin, be confident and gorgeous. If you want to stand out and give them that wonderful outfit, just be yourself. The majority of women prefer a tube dress in a tie-dye pattern or a solid color over anything else. This type of bodycon exudes bravery and confidence, conveying the message that you adore your body and are proud of it no matter what. Being confident and beautiful is at the heart of what it means to be beautiful, and doing so will increase the appeal of the dress.


A woman wearing a pink gingham dress.

A spaghetti strap mini dress has the same allure as a tube bodycon dress when it comes to creating an alluring appearance. It not only exudes the sexiest of dresses, but it also exudes a charming and fashionable sense of style. Typically, a patterned dress looks great with this type of ensemble, which you can mix and match with a denim oversize jacket and some low-cut sneaker shoes for a more casual look. For a preppy and chic look, this style is ideal, but if you want to stand out as something more than just a young lady, you can wear the dress alone and pair it with some hidden wedge sneakers or platform sandals, as well as a dashing wristlet to complete your look.

Asymmetrical Printed Dress

A woman is full of elegant vibe wearing a floral long sleeve dress.

An asymmetrical bodycon dress shirt on women offers a strikingly distinct look that you will love to wear again and again. It has a one-shoulder strap that adds to the overall elegance of your ensemble. Choose a polyester-cotton blend fabric for a dress that is both stylish and comfortable. It is made of a lightweight and breathable fabric that you can enjoy wearing even for a whole day without feeling uncomfortable. If your slim-fit dress goes well with a crop top denim jacket, you can add even more embellishment to your ensemble by donning the jacket. To add even more spice to your already enticing ensemble, pair it with a pair of high-cut boots that are the same color as your bodysuit.

There are many different styles of slim-fit custom bodysuits available, all of which are designed and made specifically for women to highlight and appreciate every inch of their bodies. In any case, you can choose from various lengths, including midi dresses and bodycon dresses, as well as patterns and solids. The main goal is to help you feel confident and believe in yourself so that you can achieve a fashionable and alluring appearance on your own.

In addition, bodycon dresses are suitable for all occasions, and you can wear them whenever you feel like looking stunning in every way. However, the most important secret to achieving the kind of look you desire will come from within yourself. Keep your self-esteem high and believe in yourself that you are beautiful.