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  1. How to Wear a Cardigan - Women’s Style Guide

    cardigan sweater with a scarf

    Cardigans are something all girls must have in their wardrobe. These cardigan sweaters for females are in many shapes and thus there are no universal variations of the cardigans. Many women's cards have been developed to fit certain body types. The cardigan is also able to put together certain outfits. The cardigan has its origins back in the 1850s and 1860s and was invented and popularly used by James Brudenell. The cardigan's designs have been created with an English knitted wool jacket as inspiration for the design. In the 1900s cardigans began to be more widely accepted, and more women began to use them as well.

    It is a common misconception that cardigans are an old lady’s garment. In reality, they are stylish and timeless accessories that can be worn by anyone. It is normally of a loose fit and is worn over a shirt or dress. Cardigans are similar to pullovers, but they have no

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  2. Just4Unique Fashion Tips: What to Wear at the Gym 

    Fashion Tips What to Wear at the Gym 
    Going to the gym should not be treated as a fashion show in which you put on make-up and dress as if you were going to a party or work, however, your fashion statement must still be necessary to look beautiful (looking good can boost your confidence).

    The important factor that you have to consider when dressing up for a gym to workout is the gym clothes you are going to wear must allow you to move freely and be very comfortable to wear but still looks good to you and can boost your confidence.
    Below is the helpful bespoke clothing guide to wearing for the gym that Just4unique prepares only for you!

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