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Although some people don’t mind wearing fake branded clothes, if you’re aiming for the real one and you become a victim by someone (or store) and you bought what you think authentic clothes but find out is not the real one it’s very stressful and heartbreaking knowing your hard-earned money did not go to the one you expected.

The problem is that after you buy branded clothes (whether at a physical store or online) you don’t actually know what's the real one and did not know how to assess the standard before making your payment.

Don’t worry, we got you covered! Below is the list of how to spot fake designer clothes, so keep reading and be smart before you shop.

10 Ways to Spot Fake Designer Clothes

Clothes Packaging
Luxury clothing brands have high-quality packaging. The packaging of authentic items is a very important branding element that ought to be of sturdy material and therefore the item

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